Acts of Terrorism Against Chad Kister and the Bessemer Hostel

    Because of the corruption of local police, such as the Athens County Sheriff, competitors have assaulted Chad Kister and the Bessemer Hostel in numerous acts of economic terrorism, without being punished.  But author and film maker Chad Kister will get justice.  He has already sued three corrupt police agencies successfully so far, including the Nazified Athens County Sheriffs.

    Today, a corrupt competitor suggested that the hostel's $10 a night dorm room is a threat to hotels, and she admitted that they are working to shut Kister's business down. But Kister will win, and the terrorists will be brought to jutice.  If you care about the need for affordable housing, come to the Bessemer Hostel, and take on the rich Republican Gestapo terrorists working to shut it down.

    Tim Sheals kicked down the door to the Bessemer Hostel's owner and manager, Chad Kister, and the Athens County Sheriff's did nothing.  Shawna Judson broke into Kister's apartment and again the sheriff did nothing.  That is an act of dereliction of duty, and an act of terrorism, and Kister will bring terrorist Pat Kelly to justice in federal court.