Motion to Compel Discovery

Case Numbers 2011 CRA 01852; 2011 CRB 02185-1; 2011 CRB 0218-2; 2011 CRB 02125

State of Ohio


Chadwick Kister, defendant

in the Athens Municipal Court

Chad Kister, pro-se; 4592 Bessemer Rd.; Nelsonville, OH 45764

Special Prosecutor Matthew Wideman

Chad Kister asks for all due leniency from the court because he is not an attorney.

Motion to Compel Discovery and Allow Faxed Submissions

Defendant Chad Kister hereby demands that the prosecutor provide all of the discovery thus requested, as well as all records of all types that the Ohio Department of Mental Health, the Federal Food and Drug Administration, the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, Tri County Mental Health and Counseling, The Nelsonville-York School system, the Upper Arlington School System, Hocking College including the Hocking College Police Department, Tri-County Vocational School, Ohio University, the Athens city Prosecutors Office, the Athens County Victims Assistance Program, the Athens County Developmental Disabilities office, the Ohio Department of Development, the US Department of Development, the US Department of Energy, the State Department, COAD, Tri-County Community Action, the Nelsonville Community Center, the Nelsonville Food Cupboard, the Athens County Board of Elections, Athens County Libraries, The Democratic Party, the Republican Party, the Athens County Commissioners, the Athens County Treasurers Office, the Athens County Auditors Office, the Athens Count Recorders office, the Hocking County Sheriff Office, the Major Crimes Taskforce, the Morgan County Sheriff's Office, Eslocker and Associates, Doctors Hospital, Fairfield Community Hospital, the Windsor, Canada hospital, Shostak Law firm, the Athens County Engineers office, the US Army and its intelligence office, the Central Security Service, the Secret Service, Ohio Attorney Generals Office (all branches of it), the US Attorney Generals office, and the Surgeon General has about Chad Kister (full name Chadwick W. Kister). This is an all inclusive request, including thought broadcast and thought insertion recordings, information or data of any types, photos, video, audio, memos, logs, notes and information of any type.

Kister also requests that the court begin accepting faxed submissions to keep of with technology, make it easier for attorneys on both sides to do their job, save paper, and reduce legal expenses that violate the 14th Amendment Equal Protection Under the law clause, making justice far easier for the rich than the poor. This tilts the balance, creating a Nazi gestapo dictatorship where the rich rule, and the poor get violated. For the extremely impoverished, such as Chad Kister, who earns far less than the poverty line, even a stamp can mean the difference between eating enough food or going hungry. What possible reason can be given for such an archaic rule as to require mailed submissions to the court?

Chad Kister is a nonviolent author, and being accused of these crimes is devastating to his career, as well as threatening the lives of 6.5 billion people this century that Kister is working to save by combating climate change. The charges against Kister are tantamount to mass murder, by harming Kister's credibility and forcing him away from the most important of his work: saving the lives of 6.5 billion people that scientists such as James Lovelock warn could die because of climate change.

Failure to provide these requests is tantamount to murdering Chad Kister, because these records are about his health, and the brain implant that greatly increases his chance of getting brain cancer, a deadly and horrific ailment, as well as being an assault on his civil rights and his Constitution rights every second of every minute of every hour of every day since March 27,. 2009, a day after the Department of Homeland Security received a FOIA request. These documents are critical for giving Kister a fair trial to beat the false charges. Also, don't forget, there is no statute of limitations on murder. If Kister dies of brain cancer, he will request that everyone involved in the brain implant and its cover-up be charged with murder, and that they be given the absolute strongest punishment.

WHEREFORE, Defendant, Chad Kister respectfully requests this Honorable Court to grant Defendant's request for discovery, and for the allowance of faxed sobmissions, and for such other and further relief this Court deems fair and just.

Respectfully submitted,


Chad Kister, pro-se

Certificate of Service

A copy has been faxed to Matthew Wideman, Special Prosecutor for the Athens City Prosecutors Office at 740-681-5024 December 29, 2011.


Certificate of Service

Copies have been served by fax to the Prosecutors office (fax: 740-592-3350) and to the municipal court (740-592-3331).



Chad Kister

4592 Bessemer Rd.; Nelsonville, OH 45764; 740-753-3888; 740-753-3000 or