Motion to Continue Hearing for Chad Kister's Urgent Health Crisis

Case Numbers 2011 CRA 01852; 2011 CRB 02185-1; 2011 CRB 0218-2; 2011 CRB 02125

State of Ohio


Chadwick Kister, defendant

in the Athens Municipal Court

Chad Kister, pro-se; 4592 Bessemer Rd.; Nelsonville, OH 45764

Special Prosecutor Matthew Wideman

Chad Kister asks for all due leniency from the court because he is not an attorney.

Motion to Continue the September 28 Hearing

Author and Film Maker Chad Kister has a severe inguinal hernia that the Southeast Ohio Regional Jail, Doctors Hospital and the Appalachian Behavioral Healthcare have failed to fix despite Kister's repeated demands and a notice of intent to sue ABH. Kister has also tried to get Oblennis Memorial Hospital to fix it but they refused. Kister has also tried to get Doctors Hospital to fix the hernia at other times than his incarceration, and they refused to fix it. Dr. Eduardo Robles in The Plains, Ohio said that the hernia is getting so large that doctors may not be able to fix it. That is a major permanent injury that would devastate Kister's life for all time, possibly making him wheel-chair bound.

Kister requests a delay of the hearing so that he can focus on finding a doctor who is not corrupt and that will fix Kister's hernia. Kister requests a delay into December so that he can get the hernia fixed, and have time to rest so that it does not re-occur. He has had a hernia in the same location repaired at age 1 and age 3, so it will not be an easy procedure, and even lifting 5 pounds could cause the intestines to burst through the repair. Were that to occur, fixing it would be even harder, if not impossible. This would limit Kister's ability to carry sufficient Defense material, as well as to be able to travel to court because Kister does not own a car, is disabled, and is very low income.

The motion requested is crucial to the defendant's defense in this matter.

WHEREFORE, Defendant, Chad Kister respectfully requests this Honorable Court to grant Defendant's request for a delay, and for such other and further relief this Court deems fair and just such as a demand that all of the documents requested in Kister's discovery be provided.

Respectfully submitted,


Chad Kister, pr-se



Certificate of Service

Copies have been served by fax to the Prosecutors office (fax: 740-592-3350) and to the municipal court (740-592-3331).



Chad Kister

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