For Immediate Release

June 25, 2011 (updated July 17)

Contact: Chad Kister: or 740-753-3888 or 740-249-1030 or 740-707-4110

Author Chad Kister Catches Robbery on Film, Pleads Not Guilty to False Charge

            Chad Kister has caught a robbery of his house on videotape, and he has the video at, as well as a signed agreement by the perpetrator, William Black that he would never enter the apartment (signed prior to his break-in).

          Chad Kister, who is among the most persecuted and victimized person on the planet, a target of mind control with a brain implant by a sadistic gang of terrorist thugs, pled not guilty for trying to get Sheriff Pat Kelly to do his duty and prosecute the terrorist thugs who continue to break into his apartment and rob him, terrorize and torture him.

          Pat Kelly is a criminal.  Kister will beat the false arrest that Kelly initiated in retaliation for Kister's efforts to bring dereliction of duty charges against sheriff Kelly, who has already been convicted of failing to cooperate with a criminal investigation after he was indicted for perjury when money went missing.  Kelly is likely the cause of the break-ins, the assaults and the brain implant.  Regardless, he as at fault because of his dereliction of duty to prosecute the brain implant terrorists, robbers, thieves and assailants.

          “Pat Kelly is a proven liar, even though he pledged his oath to tell the truth,” Kister said.

          The dereliction of duty Kelly is causing is tantamount to murdering Chad Kister because it gives a green light to criminals that they can get away with anything without being prosecuted.

          While Kister was in jail, he was robbed by hostel guest William Black, who had signed a pledge not to enter Kister's apartment, as well as promising scores of time that he had not entered Kister's first floor apartment, which is completely separate from his three-bedroom, second-floor hostel, with numerous locked doors and No Trespassing signs.  Black stole priceless original photos of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge that Kister took during his 700-mile journey through the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, as well as hundreds of dollars.  He also broke Kister's refrigerator, destroyed his cellphone and likely stole and damaged much more.  Kister is low-income and lives without a car.

    Kister has been pressuring the sheriff's office to prosecute those who have broken into his apartment, but has never in any way shape or form threatened the sheriff's office.  It is the sheriff's dereliction of duty that is threatening Kister, as shown in the most recent break-in.  Just because Kister has been critical of Pat Kelly, Kelly retaliated with false charges, without any merit.  Kister did not break any laws, or threaten the sheriff in any way.  He merely made the point that Kelly's dereliction of duty is tantamount to murdering Chad Kister.

          “The First Amendment and Free Speech are under assault,” Kister said.  “I did not break the law in any way shape or form, and this charge is a major threat to free speech and freedom of the press (and radio).  My phone and internet traffic have been interfered with, I am being assaulted and robbed on a daily basis, and tortured and terrorized by the brain implant 24 hours a day, 7 days a week."

          Kister has requested repeatedly that Kelly prosecute Sasha Segetic and Ross Martin for putting a brain implant into Kister, and thought policing him for well more than 2 years.  When Kister caught Tim Sheals kicking down his door last fall, an Athens County Sheriff Lt.  responded “why don't you just talk with him.”  Shawna Judson, another former tenant, also admitted breaking into Kister's apartment, but Kelly did not arrest her.

          In jail, Kister was put in a holding cell with feces, blood pubic hairs, snot and filth all over.  The water did not work and there was no toilet paper.  Two drunks were put in, who attempted to molest Kister.  After two days, Kister was finally given water and toilet paper.

          “America has turned into a neo-Nazi fascist police state, but only the few who are working for civil liberties protection and to prosecute police misconduct and police brutality are the victims, and the persecution is done clandestinely, and covered up with national security letters.  Kister has already won three lawsuits against police agencies, with $90,000 in settlement awards.

          “I will beat this charge, and then put Pat Kelly in prison,” Kister said, without a shadow of doubt.